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Meditation and Vision Board

Have you ever had so many thoughts, dreams, plans and goals swimming around in your busy mind but no clear idea, motivation or guideline on how to achieve them? If you said yes, these tools will help you change your life.

Meditation - Learning how to meditate will teach you to focus your attention, empty your mind and achieve a state of peace and inner calm.  

Once you reach a deep state of relaxed awareness you will access your inner minds eye.  In this blissful state you may experience visions and guidance from Spirit.

People who practice meditation regularly tell me they feel more at ease, grounded and connected in their lives.

Meditation is a one hour class.

Vision Board - By creating a Vision board you will learn how to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires in a fun environment using my favourite:

P.L.A.Y. time. Positive, Loving, Achievable and Yours. 

You will create your very own "Younique Vision Board" with the use of Magick, pictures, symbols, affirmations, Sigils' and more. 

Vision Board is a two hour workshop.

You can live the life you deserve.

Transform your journey with the Roadmap to your Success!

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