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 Please Read Before Scheduling

Service is by appointment only.

Theresa prepares for all Reiki therapy sessions, readings and classes in advance to ensure that you are given the full benefit of her connection with Spirit. 

Your appointment with Theresa will take place in a positive environment and with a loving heart.

Although it isn’t required, Theresa asks that you please keep an open mind and heart in preparation for your connection with Spirit.


Please be advised that Theresa cannot guarantee that the person you wish to connect with in Spirit will come forward. Spirit channels loved ones from the other side.  They may be Guides, Angels, ancestors or people you once knew who have crossed over.

Messages and guidance given to you from Spirit is generally what you need to hear at the time and not always what you want to know or hear.  Enlightenment comes when it is meant to and cannot be forced.

You can be assured that Spirit brings only love and intends for only your highest and best interests be served for your personal growth.

You will be amazed and your journey will be forever changed by Spirits healing essence!

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Your investment is due upon receipt of service and can be made via PayPal or Electronic transfer.

Please allow for a minimum of 24 hours to reschedule your appointment.

You will be advised at the time of scheduling your appointment if a deposit is required.



$115 per session


$130  Mediumship

$95    Tarot and Oracle 



$150 per course


$425 Bundle - 3 Courses


Vision Board

$125  Two Hour Course


$75  One Hour Course

The relationship we humans form with Spirit is filled with blessings, comfort and wisdom. 

With loving help from Spirit you can gain meaningful insight for your life.


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