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Reiki Energy Healing~Usui Shiki Ryoho

Reiki is a healing technique based on the following interpretation. 

Free and uninterrupted energy flow from the Source of Universal energy to the Reiki Practitioner where

the energy is then transmitted to an individual's chakra system.  The process removes energy blockages

within the auric field and helps to activate the

natural healing process which helps to restore your

physical and emotional well being. 

Energy blockages held within your Chakra's known as the body's "energy system" can be directly related to a variety of illnesses. 

These energetic blockages can manifest themselves  emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  A few examples are stress, anxiety, addictions, physical illness and depression.   Reiki sessions have been known to offer help and relief. 

As a certified Level Two Reiki Practitioner Theresa is trained in a variety of techniques and her goal is to help reduce stress, anxiety and pain in a relaxed environment.


With each session the chakra system is unblocked and energy is freed.  Sessions are tailored for individual goals and needs and can last from 45 minutes to one hour or more.

People say that they feel relaxed and renewed after every session!  Schedule an appointment today and feel how, in just a few sessions, Reiki can make an enormous difference to your well being!

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