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About Me

Hello and welcome; there is so much I could tell you but that would require me writing a book!

Instead here is a much shorter, condensed version of my story.  

I am a "Spiritual being" residing in a human body having a human experience.

My childhood, teenage years and early adulthood held many life challenges and heartbreak.  As an inquisitive adult I searched for answers. 


Throughout my childhood, I  communed with Elementals and learned how to connect with Mother nature.  Frequently, I entered the land of Fae and through a portal I lived in both worlds, theirs and mine.  For me, my love of nature, the woods and all living beings helped to instill valuable life lessons and I apply these important values to my energy modalities. 

My discovery of Pranic Healing in 2011 illuminated my path and becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner in 2013 healed my Soul. 

It is through my own spiritual growth and in developing my Mediumship gifts that I take great joy in helping others connect to their own inner wisdom and guidance. 


Every day, I strive to enlighten and encourage people; empowering them to live more desirable, healthier lives for their well being.  My assistance is given with integrity, honesty, transparency and authenticity. 

I walk the path of love, light and respect for our beautiful Earth and I try to count the many blessings I've been blessed with in my experience here in this miraculous world!  My faith in Shamanic practices is a way of life for me.

My calling is to be a loving bridge for the world of Spirit as their Envoy.

Sending love, joy and peace!  We are all beacons of Light surrounded by Love!



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