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Munay (I Love You) Ki (Power or Energy)


Awaken Luminous Human!

As taught by psychologist and founder Alberto Villoldo, the nine rites of the Munay Ki are energetic transmissions or connections that aspire in directing you to dream, change and shift into a new way of being.

The rites can be regarded as seeds that change the vibration of your luminous energy field and aid you in coming into alignment with your Soul’s higher purpose. 


The rites can germinate immediately, in a few months or can impact you years later.  They develop when the time is right for you.  The rites blend and unite with you and work alongside you on your personal journey. 

These sacred rites originate from the Inka Shamans from the Andes and the Amazon in Peru. 

Once you're ready to receive them, you will awaken or enhance your healing powers and be able to connect more richly and viably to Mother Earth so that you can help heal and protect our beautiful planet.


Your journey begins with the Four Foundation Rites.

Healer, Bands of Power, Harmony and Seer.

Next, are the Lineage Rites.

Daykeeper, Wisdomkeeper and Earthkeeper.

Lastly are the Transformation Rites.   

Starkeeper and Creator

These nine rites of powerful energy are conveyed through your luminous energy field and work with your Chakra system.

Munay Ki is offered as a class in groups or individually.

Transform your life and raise your vibration with these nine powerful gates of the medicine way.

Together we have the power to change the world! 

If you would like to learn more about these amazing rites contact Theresa today.

Machu Pichu
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