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Mediumship Readings~Window to the  Soul

Mediumship readings with Theresa resonate with a deep connection with Spirit on a Soul level.  The relationship Theresa shares with Spirit is sacred and harmonious with love, faith, respect, and trust.  Theresa practices evidential Mediumship.  She works to give you insight with your loved ones in Spirit and relays messages from them which could be just to say hello and that they are okay. 

Your loved ones in Spirit may want you to know that, yes, they are alive in Spirit and it really is them.  They may want you, their loved one, to know how they have changed since they passed. They may want the opportunity to say “I’m sorry” which can bring healing and peace for all involved.  The revelation that life is not over when we transition can bring comfort and closure which allows us to move forward in our lives with the knowledge that our loved ones are not lost and we can still talk to them and that they can still hear us.

Spirit may guide Theresa to channel a personal message for you.  Channels from Spirit are always full of love. The messages and guidance you receive from Spirit can be from Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels and helping Spirits.  We are not alone. Spirit is always nearby and we are loved fully and unconditionally.

Akashic Record Readings give you an opportunity to ask the Record Keepers questions about your life to gain wisdom, clarity and understanding.  With this newfound knowledge you can use it for your personal growth and evolution so that you may reach your highest potential here on Earth. 

Theresa is excited to offer both Tarot and Oracle readings.  With over 20 years experience as a reader you can be assured you will receive an intuitive reading as well as guidance, understanding and knowledge. Spirit helpers and Guides intuitively lead Theresa to give you messages from your Higher Self, Soul to Soul, your Guides and from Spirit! These beautiful messages will help you to navigate and enlighten your path as well as gain insight to life’s challenges. 

Sessions can be done over the phone or via Zoom and usually last from 45 minutes to one hour. Theresa invites you to walk with her on this blessed journey!

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