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Welcome to Sage Of The Woods!

Join me on this wondrous journey to otherworldly Realms! 

 I offer my Soul connection with positive energy and a loving heart!

  Gift yourself time! Time for you to align with your Soul! 


Stay, relax and enjoy!


Image by Jeremy Bishop

Reiki Therapy

Alternative Medicine

Japanese Palm Technique

Energy Healing




Intuitive Readings

Cards - Tarot & Oracle

Divination - Mediumship 

Professional Reader



Woman in Plants


Shamanic Practice

Energy Transmissions

Empowerment rites




My Inspiration ~Lady Of The Woods~


Nature is a teacher, she takes your hand and together you step into another realm. Time slows then stops altogether.  Faeries and tree sprites playfully romp alongside elfin creatures in this magical woodland forest. Angels guide you while the earth cradles your spirit as you walk upon her. She leads you to a vast ocean, its sparkling waters beckon you. You take a deep breath and dive into this wealth of knowledge, wisdom and power!  Upon your return a glorious fire reaches into the star filled night sky. You are drawn to its warmth and as you sit you see a vision of what’s to come. The moon rises with the promise of a new cycle.


As you're surrounded by all this beauty you suddenly realize  that "You" are an important part of this phase, this time, this World.  Now, finally, you know...

"You" are your own destiny and healing has begun!



Theresa was great at guiding my thoughts and ideas.

  She has taught me a lot of new ways to channel my energy into the Universe. 

I always leave her sessions feeling refreshed and inspired.

~Shelby B.~

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